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If you are looking for pointe lessons in the South Woodford, Aldersbrook and Leytonstone areas, then contact Variations Dance Studio. Pointe classes are typically available from age 12 if sufficient technique and strength has been achieved through our ballet classes. It is a skill that many children aspire to.


Ballet is a very popular style of dance to learn, both for children and teenagers. It can help you to develop physical coordination, balance, poise, and strength in a fun and social setting. Pointe work can also be studied once a student's feet have sufficiently developed, and enough strength and ballet technique have been built. The bones in the feet must have hardened before taking pointe classes and a strong core, legs and ankles are necessary. Pointe work is seen as the pinnacle of ballet training and essential for students hoping to make a career in either performing or teaching classical ballet. It is also rewarding and exhilarating for those who have simply worked hard on building their technique through their ballet classes and want to move on to the next level. Learning any type of dance is also an excellent way to improve your mental focus as you work on becoming the best dancer you can be. We offer a range of ballet classes, suitable for all ages.

If you or your child is keen to learn ballet, then our team of instructors can ensure you get off to a great start, helping you perfect your skills at every stage. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.

Young Ballet Class
Lacing Up Ballet Shoes
Ballet Dancers

Enhance your ballet training

There are three pointe classes per week at Variations Dance Studio, one in each location - Wanstead (Aldersbrook), Leytonstone and South Woodford. Students are invited to attend once they are ready to learn this exciting addition to their ballet training. Vocational level exams of the Royal Academy of Dance include pointe work.

Reach new heights in class and onstage

Our pointe students have the opportunity to perform on pointe at our shows presented at the theatre in the summer term each year. We don’t simply focus on exams in our courses – they’re just a way to measure progress. The key aim for all our classes is teaching you the basic skills that build to more complex moves, helping you to improve as a dancer.

Lessons for senior ballet students

For the reasons explained above, it is necessary for students to have reached a certain level in their ballet technique and to have developed strong feet, ankles and legs as well as stability in the core before embarking on pointe work. Our teachers can advise on the best time to make a start.


The pointe classes we offer at Variations Dance Studio are available to our older, more advanced students - usually a minimum age of 12. wWe have a class that’s right for you, led by experienced and professional dance instructors.

To find out more about our classes, including times, dates, and costs, please contact our South Woodford-based team today.
We’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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